The Enduro-spirit team

Our Enduro Spirit team consists of long-time enduro riders and professional guides who know every corner of this region of Bosnia and Herzegovina and guarantee you an unforgettable experience. With us at your side, you will get to know the most beautiful places in our homeland and gain unforgettable impressions of the Bosnian culture and customs of our country. Of course, the countless Enduro trails should also be mentioned, which put a smile on the face of every one of our guests. Our guides speak fluent German and English and look forward to catering to the different driving levels of our guests.

Our team: Albert, Ivan

Franjo Šarić

It’s hard to put into words this amazing enduro rider who impresses with his simplicity and humility. Like most young people in Gornji Vakuf-Uskoplje, Franjo grew up with Enduro in a village where Enduro is number one sport, next to football. Of course, he chose the latter and he certainly wasn’t wrong. Neither do we at Enduro Spirit, because we are proud to have a top rider on our team who lives for what he loves. Anyone who has ridden with Franjo can attest to what a great rider he is and for anyone who wants to push their limits in Enduro, Franjo will make sure you do. His greatest success, in addition to his great leadership, is the race on the Erzberrode 2022, where he started with the starting number 1014 in the prologue as the 365th driver and finished the race in 153rd place. Of course, new races and new trials await him, and we, his team, are here at his side, celebrating every good result in a competition together.

Marin Zeko

There is no future without young people and as the youngest rider on our team, Marin is definitely the future of Enduro Spirit. Of course, it should be emphasized that he is a young and talented rider, but above all a calm and quiet person who likes to share his knowledge of enduro with his fellow riders and is always there if one of them needs help. A boy who, like most young people, decided to leave Bosnia and Herzegovina in hopes of finding a job in the West and spending the rest of his life there. However, after three years in Austria and an invitation to come back and be part of our team, there was no doubt! He came back from the love of enduro and the realization that he can also do what he loves at home and will be what he always wanted to be, an enduro guide with the most beautiful office in the world – nature.

Stjepan Plejić

Stjepan Plejić or simply “Pepi” was born in 1996 and is one of the few drivers who managed to do exactly what he loves. We are proud to present another young driver who will pass on his knowledge and positive energy to all of you. His knowledge of the terrain and his driving skills are a great asset to Enduro Spirit. First of all, he is an open and cheerful person who is always ready to make you laugh, but also to help when needed. He took his first steps on a motorcycle at the age of 12, when he started training in motocross. Not long after, he decided to ride enduro, and has been working as a professional guide for the past few years. The fact that Pepi is a local boy, who knows our terrain and who lives enduro, is very important for us. We are convinced that with his arrival in our team, we all get not only a guide, but also a friend who, together with us, will try to convey to you what we all feel about enduro. That’s why dear friends and you who will become it. Be sure how you will ride with a top enduro rider.


Ivan is a man who just loves and lives enduro riding. It is no exaggeration to say that he has spent a large part of his life with enduros in nature. 13 years ago he made his love for enduro sport his profession and accompanies the enduro groups in our homeland as a tour guide, guide and mechanic. His skills as a mechanic and the daily maintenance guarantee that the bikes always work perfectly.


During his training as a teacher of Croatian language and literature, Albert probably never thought that one day he would be able to impart a completely different kind of knowledge to others – enduro riding. He is all the more pleased that he can share his passion every day and supports his “students” with tips and tricks.

He has been introducing other riders to the enduro world for over 10 years. On the various tours, he tries to push his group with a lot of patience and fun, so that the individual participants quickly achieve success. It is his wish to bring this great sport closer to as many people as possible and he is happy to be able to show the participants the country through his eyes.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country situated in the southeast of Europe with its capital Sarajevo. According to the latest census in our country, there are 3.8 million inhabitants. One of the few multiethnic states in Europe, it is special both for its natural resources and for its cultural monuments.

Among the natural resources, we would like to point out: Prokoško Lake, which is also in the plan of our enduro tours, followed by the Blidinje Nature Park, a waterfall on the Pliva river in Jajce, Kravica waterfall, several national parks and canyons such as the one on the Tara river.

Cultural monuments such as the Old Bridge in Mostar, the Mehmedpasa Sokolović Bridge in Visegrad are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Of course, there are also the Stećak tombstones, of which the most famous are those in Stolac, which are evidence that people have lived Bosnia and Herzegovina for centuries.

Places worth visiting are Rama Lake, Pliva Lake, Prokoško Lake, Jajce City, Mostar City, Old Town of Počitelj, City of Sarajevo, Kravice Waterfall and many more…

Bloomberg, Lonely Planet, The New York Times, are just some of the world’s prominent media outlets that have written about Bosnia and Herzegovina as one of the top 10 European destinations worth visiting.

There is also one of the largest Marian sanctuaries in this part of Europe, located in Medjugorje. Up to one million pilgrims visit this sanctuary annually.

Herds of wild horses located in the vicinity of Livno and the area of ​​Krug Mountain are also showing that Bosnia and Herzegovina is special and unique. Vranica Mountain which lies above our town extends through the whole central Bosnia. This mountain is rich in forests and pastures. In the past, gold was extracted on this mountain and today the local population is mainly focused on the gathering of various medicinal plants and farming.

If you want to know more about Bosnia and Herzegovina then you utterly have to visit it and see for yourself how special and unique it is.

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