1. Registration / Confirmation of Contract

With your travel registration, you grant us the conclusion of a travel contract. The organizer and contractual partner is Enduro-Spirit, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During the registration, it is obligatory to include all the names of the passengers, for which the applicant is equally responsible. If this is not possible, each participant must sign up alone. The registration of the trip is made with the written confirmation of the organizer and includes the amount of the service expected as well as the price of the trip. With the confirmation of the trip, the organizer agrees to the reservation but reserves the right to correct any obvious errors in printing or calculation.

2. Services

All booked services are finally available at www. and listed in the Travel Agreement. Additional services are not included in the agreed booking package. Due to important circumstances and in case of an emergency (technical, health or weather), the organizer has the right to adapt or change the route.

Enduro-Spirit assumes no responsibility for any severe weather conditions in case of which the participant does not have any claim for a refund of the tour and the rental price. Different participants with different driving skills take part in Enduro-Spirit enduro tours, so the customer agrees to take into consideration the other participants, too. In case the participant’s driving ability is not sufficient, Enduro-Spirit will be exempted from the contract.

3. Payment

The conclusion of the travel contract usually requires two payments: Immediately upon receiving of the receipt, a down payment of 400 Euros of the travel price is expected, the remaining amount is paid upon arrival at the destination before the enduro tour begins. For short-term check-in (less than 6 weeks before departure), advance payment is no longer required and the travel price due must be paid upon arrival. Enduro-Spirit reserves the right to cancel the realisation of services in case of late payment by the customer.

4. Conditions for travelling:

a) a valid motorcycle driver’s license;

b) wearing complete protective equipment (helmet, chest, back, shoulders, elbow, knee pads, boots and gloves);

c) a statement of participation at own risk

d) withdrawal from participants.

The participant is obliged to obey the law of the state and follow the instructions of the organizer and his staff. It is the sole responsibility of the participant to ensure that his / her health, psychological, physical and driving abilities are sufficient to manage the planned tour and its degree of difficulty. The organizer is not obliged to check these conditions.

5. Disclaimer:

Participation in a booked trip is solely at the participant’s own risk. The Organizer assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by the participant to himself or third parties during the operation of the insured vehicle. Furthermore, liability for the direct and indirect consequences of natural events is not excluded.

For property damage and personal injury sustained by the participant, the Organizer’s liability is excluded unless there is liability insurance coverage. Liability is limited to the extent of individual liability insurance coverage.

6. Responsibility of participants

The booking fee does not include accident damage! The participant is responsible for any damage caused to himself, the motorcycle or a third party resulting from the operation of the vehicle. The participant agrees to indemnify the organizer and his staff upon any claims of third parties. Damage to the vehicle must be reported to the organizer without delay, otherwise, the participant is responsible for the damage caused. The assessment of the damaged parts is based on the original price of the motorcycle the participant manages. Price reductions are off in any case. Furthermore, the organizer assumes no responsibility for any fines or penalties that may be incurred at the event. If the participant asks the tour guide to transport his motorcycle at an event (difficult passage) the organizer or the tour guide assumes no responsibility for any damage, eg in a crash. Any liability of the organizer for any consequences of the accident (clothing damage, property damage, injuries, disability and death) is excluded to the extent permitted by law. By registering and disclaiming, the participant confirms that he or she bears this risk and is adequately insured for it.

7. Injuries

The Organizer reserves the right to exclude a participant from the group in case of breach of contract. This applies primarily if other participants or third parties are disturbed or threatened by your behaviour. In addition, intake of alcohol and other drugs is an exclusion criterion as it would affect the safety of participants and third parties. In this case, the participant is not entitled to compensation for our services or any other loss of property resulting therefrom. The participant agrees not to consume alcohol or other drugs while riding a motorcycle or to take drugs that affect their ability to drive.

You can only enjoy alcoholic beverages after a tour and after parking your vehicle. If at the end of each daily visit participants take alcohol, medications and other disruptive substances, the customer must make sure that the condition affecting his/her driving ability is no longer an issue the next morning at the beginning of the daily tour. If the participants’ driving ability isn’t adequate, Enduro-Spirt is no longer bound by the contract with the customer.

8. Quitting and cancellation

You may withdraw from the journey at any time before departure. Enduro-Spirit must be notified in writing, stating the booking number and travel date, either by phone or e-mail and only takes effect upon written confirmation from the organizer.

Should the buyer cancel the agreed tour, the Enduro-Spirit will withhold the already paid deposit.

Enduro-Spirit is excused from the realisation of the contract if the customer through the group trip excels in inappropriate behaviour, regardless of the warning, permanent interference or if the driving skills are adequate. In this case, the customer, if found guilty, has to compensate Enduro-Spirit the cost of all the caused damage.

There is no legal requirement, even if the trip is cancelled in the short term notice.

9. Accountability

The Enduro-Spirit tour guide provides only an approximate route, with the customer following this route at his own risk is obliged to adapt his driving style to the existing conditions and his driving abilities. If the customer isn’t able to follow the route, he/she must stop the journey and notify the guide immediately. If a particular injury occurs as a result of the enduro driving, the guide is not subject to any legal liability, as the customer responsibly assumes all possible accountability for such an occurrence.

10. Vehicle and vehicle category, fuel costs and vehicle return policy

The Enduro-Spirit seeks to secure an agreed motorcycle. If this is not possible for unforeseen reasons, the Enduro-Spirit has the right to provide the buyer with a similar motorcycle. The motorcycle will be handed over at the beginning of the tour and at the end of the tour, the customer will return it back to Enduro-Spirit. The motorcycle must be returned in the same condition it was handed over after the start of the tour. Enduro-Spirit brars the cost of gasoline during the tour. The tour participant is responsible for the damage to the motorcycle. No self-repairs on the motorcycle are permitted.

11. Offroad driving

Any off-road driving not organized by Enduro-Spirit isn’t allowed, just like the improper use of the motorcycles provided. The customer shall bear all the damage caused by unauthorized off-road driving and improper use.

12. Terms of use/copyright

All photos and videos of customers taken while attending a tour at the daily routes become the property of Enduro-Spirit. Enduro-Spirit has the right to use this material for advertising purposes, even if the participant can be identified and without producing any cost to Enduro-Spirit towards the customer. Without the specific written permission of Enduro-Spirit, these photographs and videos may not be used or reproduced photomechanically and electronically.

13. Immigration policy

Enduro-Spirit will notify you regarding the applicable travel destination conditions, but you are responsible for complying with your passport or visa requirements.

If Enduro-Spirit has not proven that you are misinformed, you are responsible for deficits resulting from your failure to comply with the above terms.

14. Deficiency Notice / Collaboration Obligation

The customer is obliged to inform the representative of Enduro-Spirit of any deficiency in the fulfilment of the contract he has identified during the journey and to help minimize the damage. The failure of the customer’s communication may be considered an inappropriate contribution and thus reduce its potential claims for damages. The Enduro-Spirit must be allowed to remedy the situation within a reasonable time. If the error or malfunction cannot be remedied, you can make a complaint to the Enduro-Spirit in writing no later than 30 days after the end of the trip.

15. Privacy and data transfer

The personal information you provide will only be processed for correspondence with you or for the purpose for which you provided us. If the customer breaks the travel contract, his personal information may accordingly be disclosed to third parties and forwarded to the required amount. When we communicate over the Internet via an unencrypted transmission path, we cannot guarantee complete data security, so we recommend you to send confidential information by mail.

16. Extra

All contracts must be in written form. Oral or written additional agreements or additions to these terms and conditions are effective only if they are endorsed in writing by Enduro-Spirit. Travel guides are not entitled to any warranties that deviate from the Enduro-Spirit Travel Agreement. The legal invalidity of a certain outline of these terms and conditions does not revoke the other outlines.

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